The first ‘official’ 3D printed GoPro accessory?

Those of us fortunate enough to own a GoPro are aware how great they are, especially with the array of fittings and accessories available to attach them to stuff. Those of us fortunate enough to own (or have access to) a 3D printer are probably also aware of the myriad of unofficial GoPro accessories that can be found on the net for download and local fabrication. As one of those people I admit to having made my fair share of parts, all custom designed bits you can’t get from GoPro mind you.

Naturally, because of copyright none of these maker-made designs can have GoPro branding. With one exception – ours.

Thanks to our working relationship with Nissan Motorsport we had an interesting request from one of the drivers. The famous Rick Kelly (and his dog) dropped by and asked if we could print some drink bottle lids – but not any ordinary spill stoppers, these were a bit special. You see, Rick’s personal sponsor is none other than GoPro.

Previously Rick and the race team had been strapping cameras to their bottles rather awkwardly with the standard double sided tape and curved mount bracket, but that was never going to work in the long run. Enter talented engineer and chief designer Perry Kapper who took the original lid and reproduced it in a CAD package, but incorporated the official GoPro branding and camera mount on the top. We ran 8 of these off in one shot on our fantastic high definition ProJet 3500HD Max and the results were brilliant.

Here’s some detailed shots of the final product.

GoPro camera mounted to custom designed 3D printed lid
GoPro camera mounted to custom designed 3D printed lid
Detail showing standard clip in GoPro mount and branding
Detail showing standard clip in GoPro mount and branding

So there you have it. Could these be the worlds first ‘official’ 3D printed GoPro mounts? We certainly think so, but unlike all the unofficial ones, you won’t be finding the model for these on the net any time soon.

GoPro bottle in ProJect 3500HD Max
GoPro bottle in ProJect 3500HD Max

evok3d + Nissan Motorsport = Front row lockout

While we have been there a little while now, we wanted to officially announce that evok3d are proud to be an official supplier to Nissan Motorsport. Through this partnership we have co-location of high end 3D printing equipment and services onsite at the Nismo V8 Supercar headquarters in Braeside, Victoria.

The evok3d team works closely with the Nismo race engineers, utilising our ProJet Professional 3D printers to build bespoke parts that provide the team with a competitive edge. Stay tuned for further posts where we will run through some case studies highlighting some of the processes employed in the prototyping and production of parts for this exciting industry.

evok3d - official supplier to Nissan Motorsport

From this facility we also provide contract 3D printing services to all industries. If you need something 3d printed or are in the market for a machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us today with your requirements to receive a competitive quote.

Hi, we’re evok3d. Nice to meet you.

3D printers, 3D scanners and all things additive manufacturing. That’s what we’re all about here at evok3d. Whether it’s a desktop machine for making things in the home or office or something for high end, industrial grade, end use parts (or anything in between), we’ve got you covered.

Like most businesses, we started with humble beginnings. A couple of small FDM machines and a laser focus on bringing all the benefits of this exciting new technology to Melbourne.  Now just over 12 months later and we have large, high end printers, stock of consumables, a wide range of products and services on offer and space to keep all this goodness in. Not bad, if we may say so ourselves.

The evok3d team brings together many years of professional experience in 3d design, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, information technology and customer service. So without further adieu, let’s get acquainted with some of the key players.

Joe Carmody – Owner, Managing Director

The driving force behind the business, Joe firmly has his eyes set on achieving our company mission – to make 3D printing accessible to homes, schools and businesses so all can benefit from the technology and enjoy improved quality of life, work and play. Selling a few printers along the way is an added bonus.


Daimon Cooke – Designer, Developer, Professional Additivologist

Every good business needs a resident nerd and Daimon doesn’t disappoint. With a long running passion for technology, 3D printing was a natural progression for this multi-talented fellow. If you were to come and visit our showroom you’d find him doing any one of a wide variety of tasks.  He runs our printers, fixes and services machines sent to us, is our in house graphic designer and web developer and makes a pretty darn good coffee too. If you’ve contacted us, chances are you’ve been in contact with him. He is a wealth if knowledge and is always happy help or just have a general chin wag about the tech that he loves, so feel free to drop us a line any time.